About Me and About This Blog


You may have come here because you were looking for information about the Nashville Predators or you may be someone who has visited my personal blog, Confessions of a Cheese Grits Fiend or you may have hit some random link on Google and here you are. Whatever the reason may be, welcome!

This blog is about Sports.  Most of the stories at this site are about people and events here in Tennessee but I will occasionally include pieces about sports in general.  You will meet the members of the Nashville Storm, the Nashville Predators, the local women's hockey union and many others who put it all on the line for the love of the game.

I welcome your comments and am also very interested in being there, camera and digital recorder in hand, where ever a game is happening.  Feel free to drop me a line with your comments and suggestions!
And Finally...

Three things:

In the past I have followed the policy of the news outlet I work for when it comes to minors: No pictures.  No full names, just first name, last initial and age.  Because of the nature of this site, I will take it on a case by case basis.   I will never deliberately exclude a child from coverage if I am covering a youth event unless I am unable to get permission from their parents to include them in the stroy.

This blog is currently under construction. I will be working on things like a logo and a fancy schmancy but readable layout as time goes on. This blog will get better looking.

I am dyslexic. People have sometimes asked me how a dyslexic person writes. Here's the way it works: I type it out and while it might read like gibberish, it will look fine. So the next step is to find somewhere quiet and secluded and read it out loud, retyping everything that doesn't sound right until its in good enough shape for other people to see it. What this means is that articles take time. Please be patient.

*And you can expect to find more than a few outright fabrications (satires. lampoons, whatever you want to call them...)

**This was after I figured out I was afraid of heights and deep water, so even though Jacques Cousteau was my first crush (Cut me some slack, I was five!) it was not meant to be.

***This got to be a pattern. I chose my art school based on what professional teams called that particular city home.